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Mechatronics Manufacturing Technician
  Mechatronics Manufacturing Technician Certificate
Objective Of Course Study
Train students with knowledge and skill as preparation become technician able absorbed to manufacturing industry sector or production in real industry. Learning include aspect in terms of “automation” such as PLC. Pneumatic & Hydraulic, Servo System and subject other related.
General Information Of Course Study
Course Name: Mechatronics Manufacturing Technician Certificate
Studies Duration: 1 Year
Requirement: 18-year-old SPM qualification
Course Evidence And Interest
 Safety & Health - Security & Health placed work with security aspect emphasis.
 Electrical System - Skilled run system are grounded in electric, maintain & repair electrical    appliances.
 Measuring Instrument – Run testing equipment, safeguarding security equipment and    maintenance.
 Troubleshoot - Kaedah mencari kerosakkan melalui symptom yang boleh diperolehi melalui    pancaindera & peralatan pengukuran.
Multimedia Artist & Design      
Adhere Safety & Health
Electrical System
Measuring Equipment
Method of Testing Component
Industrial Maintenance
Servo System/Tooling System
Pneumatic 1 & 2
PC Maintenance
Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
College MCS setup CADev namely Career & Academic Development Unit to coordinate course contents so that always meet industry claim and sector requirement. Thereby, the graduates from College MCS will be more prepared and equipped with knowledge and skills. This will ensure the career opportunities when they in public or private sector.
Juruteknik Penbuatan (Manufacturing Technician)
Juruteknik Selenggara (Maintenance Technician)
Juruteknik Pengeluaran (Production Technician)
Pembantu Sistem (System Report)
Penyelia/Juruteknik Bahagian (Line Supervisor/Technician)
Juruatur PLC (PLC Programmer)
Penyelenggara Automasi (Automation Maintenance)
Penyelia/Operator Mesin (Machine Operator/Supervisor)
Penyelia/Juruteknik Mekanikal (Mechanical Supervisor/Technician)
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